CERN – CERN Report

For a parallel programming course, I was responsible for modernizing a tool used by CERN’s beam dynamics team. They use a simulator to predict the results of experiments. This tool simulates macro particle interactions within a beam chamber. This requires millions of calculations and took several days to several weeks to run. Utilizing video cards, primarily used for gaming, I was able to reduce the computation time of this tool from weeks to minutes.

Personal Wedding Website –

This website served as the backbone of my wedding planning. It was where guests would RSVP to various events, book hotels, get maps and contact us. The site was also used by me to automatically determine guests numbers, meal choices and other information. It currently acts as the image repository for the pictures taken at the wedding.

Enersystems Concept App –

As a part of UI/UX work, it is necessary to develop iterative prototypes. This project is an iterative prototype for a non-existent, smart home energy monitoring and controlling app. It contains concept sketches and mock-ups as well as a functioning app that demonstrates what the UI would look like based on the mock ups. It had to go through several iterations to reach this still unfinished state.